Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekend relaxation to Desaru....

To Desaru beach resort since I got nothing better to do.

High way leading to Desaru. From my house to the resort takes about 35 to 50 mins depend on traffic
Oh...35 mins is driving above speed limit. LOL

Part of the highway

Passed by a prawns farm

Oil palm plantation

New bridge leading to Desaru which open somewhere early last year. Otherwise the coastal road will take about 2 hours plus to reach Desaru

Road leading to the resort

Nice drive, not much traffic

Reaching the Lotus Desaru Resort

Far end about 500 meter is the hotel lobby, buggy provided for those who find it too tired to walk around the resort.

King size bed for the studio apartment, down stair is the living room and kitchen.

Cooking are allowed with fridge, microwave & electric jug kettle facilities. Basic utensil like plates, cups, glass, fork & spoon are provided.

Bath tub, busy playing outdoor no time to soak inside

I call this dipping pool cos it's 1 feet to 3 feet only. My son in red T-shirt standing on the right

View from our room balcony, far end is the swimming pool and seaside

Nice view from our 4th floor studio unit.

Resident singers singing the 70's oldies song for dinners.

Malaysia favorite Satay aka BBQ chicken. Look at the empty tray, very fast being snapped off by the crowds

The Coffee Terence where we had dinner is facing the seafront.

View of the hotel room/apartment from indoor recreation.

Indoor recreation

Private beach for hotel guest only.

View of the coffee Terrence where we had our meals.

Swimming pool next to the Coffee Terrence.

The mini cave with water fall.

RUN...crocodile escape from the nearby crocodile farm.
(FAKE crocodile made out of cement.)LOL

Part of the lazy river.

Children playground for below 12 years unless parent accompany children below 3 years.

Beware of falling coconut.

Coconut waterfall will tumbler every 5 mins.

Everyone screaming and shouting due to the water pressure...nice heavy down pour on our hot climate. Your truly is in the crowds too.

To all my friends, thank you for dropping by and enjoy your stay in my little blog.
I'm still on leave lazying around, after lunch going to the movie with my son.
Have a great week ahead.


  1. What a good break that you had. Must have got all the baterries recharged. What movie do you watch? The Lorax? We have just watched John Carter on weekend.

  2. Hi Sheoh, my batteries is fully charged after a weekend break. LOL But tomorrow back to work, haiz... which I can take a longer break from work.
    My son wanted to watch The Lorax, so have to accompany him even thou the show is boring to me.

    Have a nice day.

  3. Oh I love the photo in your header :-)

  4. Eileen@Hundred Eighty DegreesMarch 12, 2012 at 7:16 PM

    Hi Amelia, what's the name of the resort? Lotus Desaru? Looks like it's a fun place to break away from busy schedule. Hope you have a great time at the theatre too!

  5. Hi Suchi, thank you for your compliments and kind words. Header pic took early morning after breakfast.
    Have a great week ahead.

  6. Hi Eileen, the resort is Lotus Desaru Resort. Usually weekend, public holiday and school holiday are fully booked. Most of the children love the water park.
    I been several times and still enjoying the place. It's the nearest resort from my place for relaxation.
    Have a great week ahead.

  7. Hi amelia..nanti baik Lee tak ikut u kan, if not, I am sure, dia bawak balik bilik that crocodile cement sebab nak buat dia punya prank lah...ha ha ha..

    I sudah lama sgt tak pi deasru, tak tau pun dah ada jambatan tu....tapi i suka sgt that fallig coconut...the same ada kat gambang water park, tapi dia panggil frog...ha ha ha...syok ooo bila air turun kuat2 atas kepala...he he he

  8. It looks as if you had a wonderful weekend at the resort. It is definitely a great place to relax and enjoy yourself and your family. Thanks for taking us along with you.

  9. good morning amelia, looks like this is a very nice resort and it's good that it has its own private beach. i hv never been to desaru, i think one of the reasons is also a lil far from where i live. The nearest beach from my place is pangkor/lumut. still holiday-ing now?

  10. Hi Marie, terima kasih singgal pondok saya.
    Itu crocodile... hahaha nanti pakcik letak dalam kolam kalau kita gi cuti kat dia punya dream home.hahaha

    Jambatan desaru ni baru bukak lebih kurang setahun, dari rumah I setengah jam dah sampai. I pun dah manyak kali gi tapi seronok sekali tak pernah bosan.
    I suka itu falling coconut, memang syok kalau air turn kuat2x. Bila I tengok coconut ini tak boleh tahan terpikir cerita pasal kelapa tua jatuh atas kepala. LOL

    Have a nice day. Regards

  11. Hi George, thank you for your kind words. Oh.. yes, it was a very nice place to relax. I'd been there many times but still enjoying it. Thanks for dropping by to enjoy the pictures.
    Have a nice day.

  12. Hi Lena, good morning to you. No holiday-ing lor, back to work cos big boss not in.

    Ya.. it's a nice resort, in fact previously they closed down for a couple of years, now new management took over. Occupancy is high during peak season.
    It's a little too far you to go if it's just for weekend holiday unless you happen to be in JB.

    Oh.. I love Pangkor, only been there once.
    Have a nice day.

  13. Hi Amelia, I cannot imagine Desaru has changed so much. My time in early '80s only one hotel resort, and fairly deserted roads thru oil palm estates.
    Used to enjoy driving then, no speed limit.

    Love your pics, even though I don't recognize the roads, brings back memories.
    Maybe one day I will take a trip down memory lane drop by Desaru.....
    You stay easy, keep well.

  14. Hi Lee, thank you for your compliments. During the early 80's practically nothing there except one hotel that you mention.

    This resort that I went was built somewhere in the 90's. With the new bridge and journey cut short by an hours plus, business are picking up in Desaru. There are several hotel, chalet,school and college in Desaru now.

    When you balik kampong, I'll can bring you go there jalan jalan and eat sea food in Sungai Rengit.

    Have a nice day.

  15. Amelia, what a nice weekend...nothing like a relaxed one...
    The pictures are awesome, I feel refreshed by looking at them...thank you!
    Hope you are having a great week :)

  16. Hi Amelia, who pictures so beautiful, I wish you a good holiday.It seems to me an ideal place to relax, it's beautiful.

  17. Hi Juliana, thank you for your kind words and compliments. Glad that you enjoy the pictures. Oh.. yes, it great to take a short break and relax.

    Have a nice day.

  18. Hi Duxa, thank you for your compliments. Oh.. yes, it's a beautiful place to relax. I love this place and been there many times and still loving it.

    Have a nice day.

  19. Hi dear, what a faboulous place!!
    Oh my god, amazing.
    Hope you enjoy so much!
    Un besito!

  20. Ooo Amelia, so lovely holidays!!!
    The hotel, the place,all are fantastic!!!
    Your humor and your photos are great!!!
    Many many kisses to all of you!!!
    I wish you all the best!

  21. Hi Jana, thank you for enjoying my posting. Oh... yes, it was a very relaxing and beautiful place.

    Have a nice day.

  22. Hi Magda, thank you for your greetings and enjoy my posting. It was a great place for relaxation over weekend. I been there many times and still enjoying it.

    Have a nice day.

  23. Hi Mel, good morning to you...

    sorry lambat sampai...
    hey, Desaru pun dah ada sekolah, college? wow! besarnya..

    I pi sana wayyyyy lama dulu, tahun 79-80 kot, masa tu Desaru baru bukak, still panas, pokok pun kecik2 lagi....kat sana la first time I makan nasi ayam tau hahaha...yg steam punya. Dulu2 orang kampung fikir nasi ayam tu makanan untuk orang Cina agak skeptical la sikit...heheh

    tu kelapa tua sangat besar eh? air manyak kuat lagi, nasib baik dia tak pour santan kat you all hahaha

    last year I nak kesana tapi tak jadi sebab time tu angin kuat dan laut pun agak bahaya, if I tau dah ada swimming pool, lazy river n what so ever, sure I bawak anak2 pi sana, dulu hotel pun cuma satu..

    betullah jakun I nikan? after more than 30 yrs babe, takkanlah tempat tu tak berubah kan?, terok punya emak nih!

    babe, you still on leave? enjoy urself to the max ya!

  24. Hi Queenie, good morning to you. It's ok you lambat sampai daripada tak sampai,kan?
    Dah balik kerja lah, tak boleh cuti lama2x, nanti kerja macam bukit.

    Ini theme park resort dah buka lebih kurang bebelas tahun, I dah manyak kali pergi. Rasa2x boring takder kerja, pack baju terus jalan. LOL

    Gambar no 9, sebelah kiri, itu kerajaan punya kolej khas untuk sukan. Sana lebih kurang ada 3 biji sekolah kebangsaan. Dalam sana pun sudah ada pasar, supermarket, housing estate, shophouse. Lebih kurang macam bandar kecil tak kampong lagi macam time you pergi.

    Hotel & chalets pun sudah banyak, kat Sungai Rengit lebih kurang setengah jam driving ada Sebana Cove Resort. But sana more for golfing and yachting.

    Itu kelapa tua manyak shiok lei kalau air turun. Orang tua atau muda, budak kecil pun suka sangat ngan kelapa ini. Tapi panas2x punya jam memang seronok sekali.

    Hi babe, next cuti sekolah singgal lah, sekarang dari KL terus sampai Desaru tak payah lalu bandar JB. Lepas kulai ada highway terus sambong ke Desaru.

    Have a nice day. Nanti I singgal pondok you sambong cerita.

  25. Hi Amelia-thanks for sharing all the wonderful step-by-step photos to your vacation getaway. Lovely place, and beautiful photos. Glad you got a chance to get away on such a gorgeous beach paradise. The hotel is lovely!
    Thanks for sharing, my dear friend:DDD Big hugs!

  26. Hi Elisabeth, thank you for your kind words and compliments. Glad that you enjoy my short vacation photos. I went quite a number of times since they open and never get tired of it. Because it's quite near to my place, so we just pack and go whenever we feel bored at home.

    Have a nice day. *hugs*

  27. Hi Amelia.. I'm a reader from Lee's blog..

    Have been to your blog few times to checkout what is baking/cooking in your kitchen.. Hope is not too late for me to say hi..=)

    Lotus Desaru.. will definetely look at this for a trip.. The fake croc and the falling coconut...sure remind us of Lee..=)
    Have a nice day.. =)

  28. Hi Norick, thanks for dropping by my blog.You're always welcome to my blog to tried out my recipes.

    Enjoy your stay in my blog.
    The Lotus resort is a very nice place to relax with private beach. One of my favorite weekend relaxation place, I went several times since they opened.

    The falling coconut is everyone favorite especially on a humid day.
    Book earlier during peak season cos it's always pack.

    Have a nice day.